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Bob's on 12th Street

Interior of Bobs on 12th Street
Bob's on 12th Street


Originally called the “Pickle Palace”, the Bob’s building was built in 1944 from lumber recovered from a building destroyed by fire which was located in downtown Sioux Falls.

The Pickle Palace was a summer time burger joint, located way out west of town on the dirt road which at the time was called Hwy 38.  The original owners sold the property to Ray Starkes and he renamed it to Rays Drive Inn.

One night in the late 40’s, Bob Lyons walked in after getting off work from his managers job at the “Nickel Plate” located at 11th and Main in Sioux Falls.  Ray’s night manager had just walked off the job, and Ray asked Bob if he was looking for a job.  They worked out the details and Bob Lyons became the night manager of Ray’s Drive Inn.

In 1951 Ray decided to get out of the business making it possible for Bob to purchase the property.  He renamed it from Ray’s Drive Inn to Bob’s Café.  During the mid 50’s, Bob had an Ace Signs put up the Bob’s Café sign, it became the main fixed lighted point before the airport.  Pilots used the Bob’s sign as a focal point for lining up for their landing at the Sioux Falls airport.

Bob met a young lady by the name of Ima at Bob’s Café.  They soon became husband and wife and together the Lyon’s family operated Bob’s Café for 50 years, closing its doors in Sept of 2000.  Until the early 70’s it was open 24hrs a day and had curb side service (car hops).

Around 1990, Bob closed on Sundays and by the year 2000 there were times the store was closed for a week at a time. Ben Weiland was working at Hutchinson Technologies at the time and he could foresee his layoff 6 months to a 1 year ahead. Not wanting to attempt finding a new job at the age of 47, he decided to purchase the business.  His family supported his decision and Bob’s Carry Out & Delivery opened for business on Oct 12, 2000.

Since that time, the main focus of Bob’s Carry Out & Delivery has been to expand Genuine Broaster® Chicken consumption by delivering it throughout the Sioux Falls area. Ben’s vision is to someday have multiple Bob’s Carry Out & Delivery solo locations throughout the area.


What is Broasted Chicken?

We begin with fresh chicken marinated and delicately coated to enhance its natural flavor.

We then place the chicken in a specially designed Broaster® Company cooker which instantaneously seals the product under pressure locking in its natural moistness.

In minutes, you have a taste sensation that is truly one-of-a-kind and delicious. Known the world over as Genuine Broaster® Chicken.

Your first bite tells the rest of the story, a crispy nutty golden brown coating….tender and juices deep down to the bone.

It’s Genuine Broaster® Chicken because we follow this time-proven process using Genuine Broaster® products in our preparation. It’s a process that has satisfied millions of customers for over 40 years.

We believe our extra effort in following this process provides a product you will want to come back for again and again. So enjoy it often!  We believe you’ll agree!

It's Incomparable!

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